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The observatory is at our home in Ål, Hallingdal.
Everything, also moving the roof, is controlled from a dedicated PC in my (warm)study . The PC sends and receives to a another PC at the scope, via Microsoft Remote Desktop, so the mount, camera, filter and focus data running into the house,using network cable.
The beauty of Astrophotgraphy as a hobby, is that its all about doing things by yourself all throughout, from setting up and aligning the scope, mount, imaging train, collecting photons, to the final picture.
Each photo I take is the result of photons that left their source long long time ago, and end their yourney on my CCD sensor, and that makes whatever photo I capture unique, and entirely my own.
My experiences have been with people that have mentored me and been very selfless to share their knowledge and information
Especially thanks to all the people in NAS astrofoto Yahoo forumStjerneporten and





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July/August 2014

Building up a New observatory, the New CDK17 need more playground.


January 2014

A New baby lying ready to next season, but I have to build a bigger obs first!

A corrected Dall-Kirkham Planewave CDK 17 is a f 6.8 astrograph telescope. With a focal lenght of 2939mm, I hope this will give me stunning photos. Together With a SBIG STXL 11002 camera.

and the New Sbig AO-X adaptive optic, and a new FW8G-STXL filter Wheel.


New QSI 683


Juli 2011

New one shoot color camera installed:QHY12.

New second scope, a TSAPO 65Q 


December 2010 »

The AG8 arrived, and a lot of tuning and intregration with the other soft- and hardware begin.


July 2010»

Get my Paramount ME into my obs. Ordered the AG8 from Orion Optics UK.


July 2009

Building my observatory



Januar 2008»

Meade Lx200 10" in house, most visual observing, great to see Saturn's rings for first time